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Our Story....

Ragdolls by Jomayne is a boutique in-home cattery just outside of San Antonio in the hill country of Texas. We strive to raise large, floppy, sweet tempered, blue eyed ragdolls from only the best bloodlines. Preserving everything we love about this incredible breed!

Our love for ragdolls began with adopting a little kitten years ago that unbeknown to us, was a ragdoll. He crawled right into our hearts with his beautiful blue eyes and cuddly personality. Sadly Dexter passed away but the love for this amazing breed stayed with us. Now we are dedicated to preserving the breed and we want to give others the opportunity to experience the love of a ragdoll

Our cats are a part of our family and daily life. True to the ragdoll personality, they follow us around, flop on our laps for naps and enjoy playing with their many toys, cat trees or our Golden Retriever named Jaxon. Kittens are raised underfoot, loved and played with. Our cats are never caged or allowed outdoors.