The Ragdoll



If you are interested in adopting a ragdoll, you must know what an incredible breed it is! Ragdolls love to be close to their owners and enjoy cuddling on their laps. They go limp when they are picked up and flop over when they sleep. Hence their name "Ragdoll." They have magnificent blue eyes that melt your heart when they look at you. Their medium-long fur coat is so soft, it feels almost like rabbit fur to the touch and require little to no grooming. They do shed a little during spring and fall like most other animals. The great thing about their fur is that it is so soft that it is very easily cleaned off of fabric with just a damp hand. Ragdolls are big cats with males reaching 15-20 lbs and females 10-15 lbs. They adjust very well to households with children and dogs.


Their most sought after quality is their personalities. They love the company of their human companions. They will follow you around from room to room or wait for you at the door when you get home. This is why they are sometimes called the dog-cat with their dog like behavior. They are extremely loyal and dependent animals and need almost constant companionship from either their human companions or other animals. They are a very laid-back breed and trust people and other animals blindly. They don't have the instincts to protect themselves well like other cat breeds and should never be allowed outside. 

Ragdolls are truly one of the most amazing companions you could ever ask for and grow very strong bonds with their families.