We have kittens!

Grace and Kingsley's kittens were born on June 25th. All of our kittens have already been reserved. If you are interested in adopting one of our kittens, we are accepting deposits to be placed on our waiting list for our next litter planned for November/December. The way it works is each person on the waiting list will have their pick of kitten in order of first on the list to last. If interested, please complete the adoption questionnaire on the "adopt a kitten" page and we will be in touch.

The "Aristocats" Litter

Thomas O'Malley

Male - Blue Point


Reserved by Kirk B.


Female - Seal Point Mitted


Reserved by Karey T.


Male - Seal Point Mitted


Reserved by Amy H.


Female - Blue Point


Reserved by Paul S.


Male - Seal Point Mitted


Reserved by Laurel K.


Female - Chocolate Point


Reserved by Andy N.

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